C6 ZR1 3/8" Thermal Reduction Plate

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Fasterproms is now offering Thermal Reduction Plates to reduce heat transfer caused by the supercharger sitting directly on the cylinder heads. The supercharger being in direct contact with the cylinder heads reduces thermal efficiency and heat is always the demon in positive displacement supercharged vehicles. On LSA vehicles we have observed a substantial gain of power on a cool supercharger vs fully hot operating temp. With the Thermal reduction plates the blower will operate significantly cooler and make it perform as if were in cooler weather consistently. The air entering the combustion chamber will average lower temps and thus be more dense. Made in America

Here are a few points about the product and the shortcomings about the stock design:

  • The spacers act as a insulator between the supercharger and cylinder heads
  • Limits transfer of heat directly to the supercharger
  • The cylinder head radiates heat onto the bottom of the supercharger causing the supercharger to heat up more
  • The lower part of the supercharger is typically 150-200 degrees
  • The supercharger CASE is always hotter than the IAT will show
  • Greatly assists with the recovery time of intake air temperatures
  • Reduces stress put on other cooling parts of the car
  • Higher Case temps create higher IATs, Higher IATs reduce spark advance and lead to spark Knock
  • Recommend a lower temperature thermostat
  • Removing supercharger covers (which hold in extra heat)
  • Removing weather-stripping from back of hood to aid in heat removal.

*sample product, size/dimensions vary per model